Chesterfield VA Carpet Cleaning

We cleaned this carpet and you can see a major change after we cleaned the outer edge of the carpet.  The second picture shows the carpet after we were finished.  

Carpet cleaning in Hallway

This hallway was cleaned by a steam clean company and made a mess.  We were able to come in and remove this terrible stain.  We removed half the stain before I took the picture on the left.  The picture on the right shows the carpet after Citrusolution finished...

Room cleaning

We were able to remove the heavy traffic area from this residential home.  The before picture is on the left.

Black Streak in Carpet by Baseboard

We see several houses with black streaks in the carpet by the baseboard.  You can see in the picture the dark area that is caused by air filtration under the wall.  The carpet acts as a filter and catches dirt as the air moves under the wall.

Removing fireplace soot from carpet

Citrusolution uses a natural solvent made from citrus peels that is environmentally friendly and safe for kids and pets.  Our dry cleaning process allows us to remove a lot of stains from the carpet including soot from the fireplace.  See the picture.