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Why Use CitruSolution?

We believe our citrus solvent cleaner is a healthier, more effective way to clean and protect your carpet and furniture. It has the ability to maintain the appearance of carpet and furniture, plus minimize allergens in the carpet.

Combining Citrusolution with an antimicrobial (Benefect) provides allergy relief for many of our clients. Mildew problems will be reduced and reactions to dust mite residue will be lessened. You take your fine clothes to the dry cleaner to avoid damage caused by soap and water and we use CitruSolution for the same reason.

The citrus is very effective against grease, soils, pet stains, and fights yellowing and oxidation that can dull your carpet. CitruSolution cleans and treats you carpet without leaving a sticky, soapy, or chemical residue. If you think soap or chemicals are good for your carpet, the next time you shampoo your hair, don’t rinse and see how well it works!!

What is D-Limonene?

It is a major component extracted from citrus rinds. The rinds and pulp are sent to an evaporator and the D-Limonene is steamed out. It widely known for it’s pleasant scent and degreasing properties. D-Limonene is currently being used in many applications such as hand cleaners.

The environmentally safe solvent, D-Limonene is extracted from natural resources (i.e. orange, and lemon peels). The solvent does not add any materials into the environment than what would not occur naturally.

Therefore, it does not contain any ozone depleting chemicals. Using naturally derived solvents such as cleaning agents, is an excellent source of ozone reduction. D-Limonene is biodegradable too, an important issue to water treatment plants and everyone who drinks water.

Is My Carpet Dirty?

Carpeting is beautiful and beneficial, but it also collects pollutants very effectively. This unhealthy material enters our homes in the air or clings to our clothing, fur, or feet. It settles into our carpets and onto upholstered surfaces just like a furnace filter collects dust and airborne particles.

Once saturated, our furnishings start “spilling” contaminants back into our indoor environment. The fact that our homes today are tightly closed, highly insulated environments adds to the problem. We end up thoroughly exposed to unhealthy contaminants.

Mildew and other Contaminants Build Up in Your Carpet over Time.

That’s mildew and other contaminants building up. Only CitruSolution can stop, and often times remove this build up. In addition, there are organic materials in our carpet that can affect those of us who suffer from allergies.

Organic deposits found in our carpets can include food crumbs, beverage spills, dead skin cells, hair, dead insects, insect droppings, residues from heating and cooling, pet soil, and other “biogenic” wastes.

This biological debris provides a breeding ground for microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust mites, and mold. Regular cleaning reduces and controls biocontaminants. The next time you see a carpet installer, ask him how much dirt he cleans up after he takes out the old carpet.

On average, the old carpet will be one pound heavier per square foot! That additional weight is the soil that is migrating through the fiber and backing.

Will Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas?

I had a client ask me if carpet cleaning will kill fleas. The answer is NO! Citrusolution carpet cleaning reduces dust mites and allergens but will not kill fleas. Even steam cleaning will not get rid of the fleas!

You will need a pest control company to treat your home. Jerry Hernadez with J&T Pest Solutions suggests the following to clean your carpet and get rid of fleas:

1) Vacuum your carpets extremely well

2) Have Citrusolution clean your carpets since we scrub your carpets and then vacuum clean your carpet

3) And then have BW Pest treat your carpet for fleas.

Vacuuming is important to remove the fleas and to stir up the larva. Citrusolution carpet cleaning agitation the fleas and larva with the scrubbing and the vacuuming. Then the last step is to treat the carpet for fleas. You want this treatment to stay in carpet for a while to make sure the larva die.

We know a good pest control company in Richmond, VA that we would highly recommend: Jerry Hernadez at J & T Pest Solutions at 804.709.9810

How Does The Citrus Clean?

CitruSolution is a dry cleaning fluid process with a twist of lemon, orange, and grapefruit. Our cleaner is powered by Mother Nature, it is a citrus solvent extracted from citrus peels called D-Limonene.

How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

We recommend cleaning your carpets at least once a year. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends having them cleaned every 6 months if you have pets, small children, or spend a lot of time on the carpet.

But I don't See Dirt?

Do you only do laundry, or have your teeth cleaned when you SEE something?

The indoor air is chocked full of harmful pollutants, 200% to 500% higher than outdoors! Dust-mites thrive in this filth deep down in the carpet. is invisible to the eye but very visible to the arteries and lungs.

Every time someone moves across the carpet they stir up these pollutants into the air, and can stay there for an hour or more. The average active home will always have these particles in the air, which is especially harmful to people with asthma and allergies, but not good for anyone, allergies or not!

During cold seasons this helps keep people sick. As we all know your kids spend a lot of time on the carpet. This is why we believe carpet cleaning is foremost a health issue and secondarily an appearance issue.

Pet Smells in My Carpet?

I had a client today who asked what can you do about pet smells in the carpet. Most people do not know that your carpet is the biggest air filter in your house. It traps dirt and particles from everyone going across the carpet plus your pets crossing and rubbing across the carpet.

We offer Benefect, which is a disinfectant made from Thyme oil that is environmentally safe for kids and pets, yet kills 99.99% of germs including MRSA, Fungi, HIV, TB, Salmonella, Staph, E.Coli, Flu including H1N1 and the common cold.

It will disinfect the carpet and works great in helping people with allergies. We also offer Odorcide that works great in removing organic odors from the fibers. We add it to the citrusolution and scrub the solution into the carpet to not only break up stains and pull up hair and particles but to kill germs and odors that are in the carpet fibers.

This works great to remove pet odors that are in the carpet fibers but we can not do anything about odors that are below the carpet in the foam padding. There are not any type of carpet cleaning that can really remove any odors that are in the foam padding below the carpet.

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Possible Problems with other Carpet Cleaning Services

Bait & Switch

How many times have you been quoted one price over the phone only to have it change when the carpet cleaner arrives because of spots, or heavily soiled areas?

Or maybe because one of the members of your family has four legs? Or have you been sold extras only to be disappointed with them?

Have you noticed a carpet ad where a company has one price, but has six or seven different prices IN THEIR AD? Did you have a coupon or special for the entire house for $50.00, only to be charged two, three, four, or more times that?

—> Unlike some, CitruSolution honors its pricing policy and phone quotes. Once you’ve decided how many areas you want to clean you can make your check out before we even arrive. Ask other carpet cleaners if you can do that for them!


Molds are always present in the air and typically grow and flourish in damp, warm, poorly lighted areas, or where air circulation is poor. Using a “truck-mounted” wet, soapy process can cause mildew.

If you had a hole in your roof that let as much water in as traditional carpet cleaning does, you’d be calling your insurance agent. Truck mounted cleaners are injecting up to ten (10) gallons of water into your carpet and at most are only able to get out about eight (8) gallons. That’s a lot of water left in your carpet!

—> The CitruSolution cleaning process only uses the amount of water Mother Nature intended within the solvent extracted from citrus peels.

Rapid Re-Soiling

Shampooing or steam cleaning carpet is like shampooing your hair without rinsing! Does that sound like a good idea? Think about it. When you get soap in a sponge, does the soap rinse out easily?

You generally have to hold it under running water, and squeeze it several times. Your carpet is now covered in a soapy, sticky residue that traps dirt, dust, pet dander, dead skin cells, and thousands of other particles (allergens, dust mites, etc.). This is one reason why your carpet re-soils so quickly.

Another reason is the water that was left in your carpet wicks up as it dries. This wicking process brings to the surface the stains/spots that were forced deep into the carpet within about two (2) weeks.

—> The CitroSolution process is not a shampoo and uses a minimal amount of water.

Dust mite allergens can affect us all. They can be harmful to the young, old, infirm, and everyone in-between. Major universities, health organizations, and the EPA warn us against the harmful effects of exposure to dust mites, and their allergens. Dust mites have a significant role in many asthma cases, and are a factor in hay fever and various other allergic ailments. Most people in homes across America and the world share their environment with common house dust mites. They are microscopic Arachnids, and members of the same family as spiders and ticks.

Dust mites main diet consists of human skin that we all slough off naturally every day. Dust mites live in our carpets, clothes, furniture and bedding. Most homes have literally millions of these creatures, both alive and dead. So it’s not surprising that most household dust consists largely of human skin, living and dead dust mites, old dust mite skins, and dust mite feces. UGH!

What can we do about it? There are many steps we can all take to help eliminate dust mites, and make our homes healthier places to live.

· Clean your carpets! CitruSolution is a natural anti-allergen. CitruSolution contains D-Limonene, a naturally occurring extract of citrus peels. D-Limonene has been proven to destroy Dust Mites and many other common allergens that cause respiratory distress.

· VACUUM, VACUUM, VACUUM. We can’t stress this enough. When you vacuum your carpets you remove live and dead dust mites, and also their source of nourishment – dead skin.

· Reduce the humidity in your home. Dust mites cannot drink, so they can only live in humidity higher than 50%, and they thrive in humidity over 70%.

· Clean your bed linens often – in hot water – at least once a week.

· Vacuum your kitchen and hard surface floors at least once a week.

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When your carpets are cleaned using the CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Process they are more than just clean. Our cleaner contains a natural occurring citrus product extracted from the peels of oranges, lemons, and grapefruit, D-Limonene. D-Limonene has been proven to destroy dust mites and many other common allergens that can cause respiratory distress.

The Epa Lists Indoor Air Quality (Iaq) As The 4th Largest Environmental Threat To Our Country.

Most Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. Levels of pollutants may be 200% to 500% higher indoors than outdoors, even in cities with a lot of air pollution. The indoor air is full of harmful pollutants.

Dust mites thrive on the gunk deep down in the carpet. It is invisible to the eye, but very apparent to the lungs. Every time someone walks across the carpet, the pollutants are released into the air. It can stay airborne for an hour or more, so that the average home will always have these particulate in the air. This is especially harmful to those with allergies. This is why we believe carpet cleaning is foremost a health issue, secondarily an appearance issue.

Is your house making you sick? If you suffer from allergies, colds and flu-like symptoms more often than seems normal, try this simple test. The next time you leave your home for a few days, keep a diary describing how you feel. Monitor your physical condition for several days before, during your absence, and after you return. If your symptoms abate while you’re away, but reoccur upon your return, you may have issues with indoor air quality.

Dust mites, allergens, and other irritants can be pervasive in all homes, and you need to develop a comprehensive strategy to maintain your home’s healthy environment.

Daily vacuuming and timely carpet cleaning can be part of your overall defense against indoor irritants.

Your Carpet Is A Giant Air Filter, And It Needs To Be Cleaned

According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America (AFFA),”the role of carpet has been scientifically proven to trap many of the allergens which trigger allergies and asthma and keep them out of the breathing zone to help alleviate problems for those who suffer from these conditions…” CitruSolution creates a citrus barrier between those allergens in the carpet and the clean air you should be breathing.

Looks are deceiving. A U.S. Government website states, “Clean for health and safety first, not just for appearance. Appearances can be deceiving. Dirt, film, grime, and other contaminants that can’t be seen should nevertheless be cleaned because pollutants will migrate within the building and diminish indoor air quality.”

Allergies & Asthma. The AAFA also states that “…one in every 5 adults and children suffer from allergies.” Learning how to control your home’s environment and reducing allergen levels are important in managing these increasingly common conditions. By having your carpets professionally cleaned by CitruSolution, you are taking an important step towards reducing these allergens!

Carpet Cleaning Satisfaction

Awesome job. Clean and wonderful smell.
Daune Zook
Daune Zook
Excellent communication, super-quick response time and worked MAGIC on some 30-year old stained carpets! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Stephanie Spurlock
Stephanie Spurlock
CitruSolution always shows up when they said they would and does a great job, at a very reasonable price!
Thais Rezende
Thais Rezende
I recently had CitrusSolution come to my home to clean my sofa, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Diego, the owner, was incredibly professional and courteous from start to finish. He arrived on time, explained the cleaning process in detail, and took great care to ensure everything was done to the highest standard. My sofa looks and feels brand new! The CitrusSolution method is not only effective but also left a pleasant, fresh scent. Diego’s attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction truly set this service apart. I highly recommend CitruSolution for anyone needing top-quality cleaning services. Thank you, Diego, for the fantastic job!
Jane Haviland
Jane Haviland
Diego was very professional and did an excellent job on our chairs and carpet cleaning. He will be my ‘go to’ for this service
Ramona Jones
Ramona Jones
If you're looking for a reliable, reasonably priced carpet/upholstery cleaning service, you should definitely try CitruSolution! We had our office spaces (4 rooms) cleaned and sanitized today using the company's low moisture process and it did not disappoint....Excellent Results! Thank you Diego for your outstanding service! Your professionalism, promptness, and attention to detail is appreciated!
Debbie Markel
Debbie Markel
Diego did a wonderful job. He was friendly, professional, and thorough. My rugs and furniture look great!
Tamara Highsmith
Tamara Highsmith
Great experience for area rug cleaning. The house smells much better and the rugs look brighter. Thank you!

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