How do you remove pet smells from your carpet?

iStock_000006879631MediumI had a client today that asked what can you do about pet smells in the carpet.  Most people do not know that your carpet is the biggest air filter in your house that needs regular maintenance from carpet cleaning grand junction to a neat and clean house.  It traps dirt and particles from everyone going across the carpet plus your pets crossing and rubbing across the carpet.  We offer Benefect, which is a disinfectant made from Thyme oil that is environmentally safe for kids and pets, yet  kills 99.99% of germs including MRSA, Fungi, HIV, TB, Salmonella, Staph, E.Coli, Flu including H1N1 and the common cold.  It works great in removing pet odors and helping people with allergies. We add it to the citrusolution and scrub the solution into the carpet to not only break up stains and pull up hair and particles but to kill germs and odors that are in the carpet fibers. Discover why Eco Clean Solutions is Dublin’s top choice for carpet cleaning.  According to carpet cleaning services, this works great to remove pet odors that are in the carpet fibers but we can not do anything about odors that are below the carpet in the foam padding.  There are not any type of carpet cleaning that can really remove any odors that are in the foam padding below the carpet.

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Ericka HackerEricka Hacker
11:19 02 Oct 23
Diego gives amazing results, and is very dependable when it comes to getting the job done. I definitely recommend!
Dany SrourDany Srour
15:38 26 Sep 23
Great company, great service
Chris WertzChris Wertz
17:45 17 Aug 23
Speedy and good prices. We use them regularly.
Rudy VillarrealRudy Villarreal
23:55 11 Aug 23
Heard this company through the grapevine and thought I give it a shot. Only have room with a rug but my Ex had cats. And this service did wonders. I can finally keep the door open without the smell coming in and down the hall.
Curtis BrewerCurtis Brewer
01:22 03 Aug 23
Very professional, friendly. Excellent job, spots came out of the couch. Carpet smells great. Would use them again. Good price.

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